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We don't distribute your products. We distribute everything that helps sell your products.

Promotional materials - stickers, posters,
samples, displays, gadgets, banners, gifts,
all the promotional items that you want to
get into your prospective customers hands.

This is our speciality. We understand the true value of these "free" items, - that they represent the tip of the marketing budget iceberg. We understand their short lifetime, and that unless they are in place on time, they are useless.

We make heros out of promotional materials, so they are no longer ugly stepchildren compared to your products.

With specific IT solutions created for distibuting promotional materials, we also provide you with unsurpassed activity detail of what is happening with your promotional materials. Stock levels, usage level by sales representative, dated destruction, picture catalogue on line of all materials, average delivery times, internet ordering system and more...

We've been doing this for many years, so we have unsurpassed experience in Poland. We're privately owned, not just part of some "global organization", and yet we are part of the Universal Express Group offering the widest range of related services to help you out in many situations: customs clearance, worldwide freight forwarding, storage and more.

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